Standard Interior Detailing

We totally understand the love that you have for your car but a standard interior detailing can be a pain in the head because it involves many materials and it has a lot of covered areas as compared to standard exterior detailing. This is why standard interior detailing with mobile car wash takes more time to deal with compared to exterior detailing because of how complicated it is.  

If you are a person who does this standard interior detailing then you must realize first the time that it will take you do the entire job including the materials that needs to be used along the process of standard interior detailing.  

We have a lot of concern for you this why this article is made. In here you will be able to read different tips and tricks on how to do the standard interior detailing. We hope that you stick around until the end.  




Obviously, it is stressful to find many pet hairs in the interior of the car especially for the part of the technician. And if you only have vacuum and air compressor with you, it will not be an assurance that it will help you on your job.  

To solve this problem, you can already find some tools in the market that can get rid of all of those pet hairs in the form of gloves or brushes that has bristles especially made for the pet hairs to attach into it.  

This is very important and useful for you as a technician so you should get your hands in of these so that cleaning these pet hairs will be easier.  

On one hand, you should hold the device for getting rid of the pet hairs and pull the hairs that you have collected towards you and on your other hand you should have a vacuum waiting to suck all of that hair away from your pet hair cleaning device so that you could make sure that no air can blow the other strands of pet hair away.  


Before you start cleaning the carpet you must first use a vacuum cleaner so that you can remove all of the dust, dirt and other debris from the carpet. They even call it as dry scrubbing and this will surely help in making all of the dry dirt gets off from the carpet. The next way is to use a hot water extractor to further clean the carpet.  

But before you can even get your hands on the hot water extractor you must first apply a non-foaming carpet cleaner that works well with your hot water extractor. And you must scrub the carpet floor with a good brush polisher so that you can really ensure that you have coinjoin site cleaned your carpet well and afterwards, you can use your hot water extractor.  

When your hot water extractor has nice quality, it will surely remove all of the soil and the chemicals that have been attached in your car carpet.